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From concept to completion, we build it as if it’s our own.

LECESSE Construction is a client-focused construction management company with unmatched knowledge and experience in senior living and multi-family housing. We continue to set the standard for quality, professionalism, and innovation as a trusted consultant to create value and provide productive solutions to our clients.


Understanding today’s business climate allows us to combine our professional skills, diversity, and relentless pursuit of excellence to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. LECESSE strives to build lasting partnerships with our clients and business associates rooted in ethical conduct, collaboration, candid communication, attentive service, and outstanding results.

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Our Vision

Every industry has One firm that stands above the rest; One that exceeds every expectation; One that attracts the best people; One that sets the standard for commitment, professionalism, innovation and performance. It is LECESSE’s vision to be that One firm.

Core Values

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Lecesse Core Value

PCMB Leadership

At LECESSE Construction people who embody Professional Consulting Mindset & Behaviors (PCMB) achieve the most success for themselves and their teams. We are an at-risk service business delivering complicated projects for sophisticated clients. Our number one constraint for Enterprise growth is having enough PCMB Leaders who can develop others and inspire their respect.

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Lecesse Core Value


At LECESSE Construction we personally accept responsibility for the success of all stakeholders involved in our projects. Thus we demonstrate extraordinary engagement to provide value that shows.

Construction workers on job site

Lecesse Core Value

Candor & Problem Solving

At LECESSE Construction it’s about being a good listener because change is constant. We must face conflict with candor and work towards fair solutions. Our people must proactively solve problems and innovate to execute our plans through all adversities.

Construction workers on job site

Lecesse Core Value

Collaboration Gets Things Done Right

At LECESSE Construction we understand that construction is a “team sport”. The power of teamwork and communication will provide value to our clients in every aspect of the construction process. We like working with people that get things done and do it the right way.

Construction workers on job site

Lecesse Core Value


At LECESSE Construction authenticity is about being true to yourself, living our core values, and always acting with integrity. We tell stories out of respect for each other and to learn from those that came before us. Through storytelling we share each other’s success, build relationships, and drive our culture.

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