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Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling is a virtual way of constructing, testing and pricing a construction project before a shovel ever touches the ground.

BIM Process

The BIM Process is a major step in construction technology as it aids in increased efficiency both during construction and building operation, improves construction quality and shortens the duration of construction. These advantages in turn reflect in a better product and a better price point with overall lifecycle efficiency.

The multi-dimensional aspects of BIM link and correlate multiple layers of information including object properties, graphic components, database entries, specifications, costs, schedules, contracts, warranties and maintenance information. BIM has the capacity to do simulations and sustainability tests to the building before it is even constructed. Building challenges can be addressed and fixed prior to the building being constructed.

Summary of Services

  • Clash detection
  • 4-D scheduling
  • Logistics planning
  • 5-D cost modeling
  • High density laser scanning
  • Ground penetrating radar

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