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Lean Construction

The process of lean construction is to optimize the entire project from start to finish, ensuring efficiency of project workflow.

LECESSE utilizes several principles of Lean Construction to assure efficiency, effectiveness, and quality for our clients.

Principles of LEAN Construction

Some principles of lean construction include:

  • Stakeholders are involved in front end planning and design through cross functional teams
  • Making continuous improvements in the process and workflows
  • Utilize BIM to allow for any value-added pre-fabrication as well as design-assist that can eliminate the duplication of design, submittal, and fabrication process.
  • Eliminating construction waste and inefficient construction methods
  • Applying Just-In-Time (JIT) construction practices
  • Define value from the customer’s perspective
  • Ensure a smooth flow of value added activities

These values emphasize collaboration, reliability of scheduling and delivery of the most value while consuming the fewest resources.

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