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Preconstruction Services

LECESSE's Preconstruction Service Group provides our clients with critical information and expertise to assist them in the development phase of their projects.

We have determined that proactive involvement during the preconstruction phase has the greatest potential influence on a project's final cost. At LECESSE, our extensive industry and specialized product knowledge allows the Owner to receive the absolute lowest possible first cost.

Preconstruction Process

A comprehensive preconstruction process includes the following critical elements: identification of objectives; preconstruction scheduling; assessment of risk; collaborative effort; implementation of appropriate tools to mitigate the risks; and, of course, cost estimating. Our customized estimating system allows us to produce highly accurate cost forecasts in remarkable detail at the earliest stages of design development. Often we provide the owner with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) before the architects and engineers have completed their final designs or specifications.

Expertise for your project

We thoroughly evaluate a number of factors during the preconstruction phase, and can provide the following expertise to benefit your project:

  • Schedule Analysis & Development
  • Design Management (as needed)
  • Agency Coordination & Estimating
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Value Analysis
  • Bid Packaging
  • Site Logistics Planning
  • Construction Buyout
  • Disruption Avoidance Planning
  • SWMBE Participation
  • Subcontractor Prequalification
  • Cost Consulting
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

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